About StrikeStar
What is StrikeStar?
StrikeStar is client/server system, exclusively designed for the NexStorm software and Boltek hardware. StrikeStar allows multiple, standalone lightning detectors to form a real-time lightning locator network with much better positional accuracy.

StrikeStarUS is a public, large scale and community based lightning detection network that we have made available as a unique added-value program for users of our NexStorm software.
Who develops StrikeStar?
StrikeStar is developed by Astrogenic Systems. We are specialized in making software for single antenna lightning detection and affordable, lightning-centric early warning and analysis systems. Visit our web site for more information.
How can I join the StrikeStar network?
First, you need a Boltek lightning detector and the NexStorm software installed and running. Your NexStorm copy must also be registered. Next, you must contact us and provide some details about your location and system setup so that we can add your lightning detector site to the central processing server database. After this is done, you will receive an add-on module that you install and run on your NexStorm/Boltek PC. The module, called Syncom, will send your detector's lightning data in real-time to our central processing server located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

If you decide to join, please provide the following information:
  • NexStorm serial number
  • Location name
  • Location latitude and longitude - This must be in Decimal Degrees format, convert here if necessary
  • Your NexStorm Antenna alignment setting
Send this information to lorick@strikestarus.com
Who can join?
Basically, everyone with a Boltek detector and the full, registered version of our NexStorm software. Some qualifications apply however:

-We prefer if your system is online 24/7. Future (planned) presentations on this web site which will contain historical information may suffer from large fragments of missing data if stations are going online and offline arbitrarily. Also, because your online status is flagged on the StrikeStar maps, people living in your area and visiting the StrikeStar web site may find the service unreliable if they note that sensors are available there but are frequently offline. Therefore it is in the best interest of everybody that your site is online as much as is possible. Occasional exceptions to this rule may be made if your site is located in a strategic position where no other sensor is available.

-Your site must be located within a 450 mi radius of another site. While you are welcome to join even if this prerequisite is not fulfilled, we cannot guarantee that any lightning activity will be detected in your area. Simply put, the farther away you are from the nearest sensor, the less lightning activity will be detected in your area. One very important thing to keep in mind however, if you are in a situation like this, is that your participation will most likely cause others living in your vicinity to join in due time. In other words, do join and don't despair if your site appears to be isolated on the map!

-Your site may not be located closer than 15 mi of another site. This restriction will be lifted in 2007.
How much does it cost to join?
Absolutely nothing!
I already supply data to another network, why join StrikeStar?
There are several good reasons why you should join our network anyway. First of all, while other, similar networks may occasionally produce good quality data, StrikeStar is so far unsurpassed when it comes to long term positional accuracy and reliability. This is in part because we have developed an elaborate, software based, client/server timing synchronization technique that does not rely on external NTP servers or hardware. Timing synchronization between the different sensors within a lightning detection network is critical for accurate positioning of lightning discharges. Only the StrikeStar system is capable of maintaining a sub 0.3 second inter-sensor timing synchronization 90% of the time.

Second, the next generation of our NexStorm software will be designed to utilize the network's positional accuracy to continuously train the local lightning detector system so that it too becomes more accurate. This feature, called Persistent Auto-Calibration, will be available exclusively to StrikeStar participants. What is more, as a StrikeStar participant you may be invited to test the next generation of our software long before it is released to the public. Naturally, long time, reliable participants will be prioritized when we select people for these pre-release tests.
Can I setup my own StrikeStar network?
Yes but be aware of that StrikeStar is a commercial system so you will have to purchase a license. The cost of a complete, four client StrikeStar system (software only) is about that of a professionally developed, medium sized web site. Or in other words, very affordable!

If you need it, StrikeStar also supports integration of Boltek EFM-100 Atmospheric Electric Field Monitors alongside the directional StormTracker or LD-250 lightning detectors, as well as remote monitoring of up to 50 EFM-100 sensors over the Internet or a LAN.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for details and pricing!
Join the World's only true real-time, community based lightning detection network today!